Strategic Communications

Of all the marketing disciplines we execute or manage for our clients, strategic communications is the most important. Great brands are built and delivered on solid communication. Volunteers are marshaled when need is clearly communicated. Donors are inspired. Team members are directed.

We believe an effective communications program starts with solid core messages that are understood and managed by an organization. They are the walls that give shape to everything from brochureware to media interviews. We help leadership extract from their center the ideas that will become core messages. We help refine them, and we help organizations build champions around them who know them frontward and backward.

With core messages in place, an organization can focus on the building blocks of clear communication. Typically, these include a compelling website (organizational storefront), well-conceived (professionally written and designed) collateral pieces, AV tools, signage, a prepared spokesperson, high-level communications training for staff, communications vehicles like print/electronic newsletters, and careful consideration of key internal and external publics and best ways to reach them.

At any given minute on any given day, individuals are sending and receiving clues and cues about the work you do. Strategic communications controls message, medium and quality of delivery. Managed well, it becomes a contagious pointer for the life and work of your organization.