It there’s one thing that’s consistently true across all organizations, it’s that leadership is typically emotionally and physically overspent, underresourced, underprepared, underbudgeted and overwhelmed by the push and pull of too many agendas and initiatives.

We believe an opportunity to speak or teach or retreat with an organization is an opportunity for leadership to take a critical timeout. We love to motivate, encourage and affirm, but we’re thrilled when we’re asked to come alongside an organization to help them assess, evaluate, edit and jump their activities and purposes to a higher, more national-quality place. We’re best at helping organizations and servant leaders find new energy for excellence.

Our style is direct, intuitive and interactive. We’ll speak or teach on any topic, and appreciate the opportunity to shape message to meet the defined needs of an organization. We can build an evening or day retreat platform to refocus and repurpose an organization around specific issues, needs or people groups.

Our Street Works TourSM is a one-day, packaged event designed for hosting or sponsorship in any city by any organization that desires to elevate the importance of vision, specification, equipping and accountability. Ask us for more information.

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