Creel coaching is a next step and natural addendum to The Street Works Tour.SM The coaching curriculum is based on the book Minding the Gap—A planning and editing manual based on the Creel Model.SM Over 10 sessions, a servant leader will discover how he is uniquely made and called to be at work in God’s purposes, dialoging and journaling to find answers to tough questions:

    • Who am I? Who am I not?
    • How has God uniquely gifted and purposed me?
    • What are the lines of that purpose in this season of my life?
    • What is my personal brand? How has God made me to be salt and light in the 21st century?
    • What do I need to edit from my life and work to be effective and productive along the line of that purpose?
    • How can I remain tightly accountable?

Creel coaching is designed to provide an accountability system, check point and discussion opportunity for the individual who 1) is too busy and distracted to work through Minding the Gap on his own, 2) desires guidance from someone with deeper experience, or 3) enjoys structured accountability. Advance reading of Minding the Gap is required of participants, and a book will be provided as part of the $1295 coaching fee. Coaching sessions are ideally conducted in person, but may be facilitated online or via Skype.

If you’re interested in talking to a Creel coach or want to learn more about becoming a Creel coach, contact Gail Derreberry, resource director of the Creel Institute, at 316.706.6331, or complete the contact us form to send an email.