We live in a branded world. As believers and believing organizations, we can’t dismiss branding as a secular concept. Jesus gave us branding instructions 2000 years ago. We are called to be salt and light. Using 21st century vernacular, that means alive, contagious, engaged, savory, bright, deep.

We believe God uniquely designs and calls the believing organization to be uniquely at work in his purposes. The brand development process reveals his defining stamp—his brand—on an organization.

Just as a case statement is a critical communications piece for a capital campaign effort, a brand precedent book—the exciting deliverable of our brand development process—becomes a guide and filter for executing your organizational vision. It’s a critical storage center for internal stakeholders for the intelligence that communicates how your organization is differentiated and called, who it is uniquely called to serve and in what capacity. Uncovering and documenting your brand DNA builds ownership and equips participants in the process to be image bearers.

A brand precedent book is a comprehensive document that uncovers and houses your strategic brand material and includes these elements:

    • Predicating Objectives
    • Strategic Brand Assumptions
    • Perceived Objections/Obstacles
    • Brand Values
    • Brand Promise
    • Core Strategic Brand Messages
    • Priority Targets/Vertical Markets
    • Key Relationship Selling Points
    • Brand Personality
    • Brand Voice
    • Review of Logo and Usage
    • Color Palette
      • Review of tagline/tagline refinement
      • Typography
      • Imagery/Photographic Style
      • Proposed Creative
      • Elevator Speech

A brand platform creates critical differentiation in our noisy, saturated world marketplace. It galvanizes stakeholders. And it becomes both a critical jumping off place and scalpel for the activities, affairs and ideas of the believing organization.

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