Fish Stories

It doesn’t matter who the client is. To help an organization creatively we have to understand it strategically.

Strategic discovery. Conceptual exploration. Creative development. It’s an organic process that helps our clients become more effective, productive and compelling.

Because the Creel Institute is a division of a full-service strategic marketing and branding firm, we have a lot of stories to share. We’ve renamed companies and branded them. We’ve helped set and sometimes reset vision. We’ve created next steps roadmaps to help organizations accomplish their goals. We’ve created interiors, designed signage, developed multi-media ad campaigns and built and managed strategic communications programs. We’ve equipped leadership to meet the media in everyday and crisis situations. We’ve taken hundreds of employees through brand and core message training to make them organizational champions. We’ve coached CEOs and organizational leaders who haven’t known what to do next.

We invite you to experience a sampling of our work.