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The Creel Model:

Who’s with me?

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Good friends recently recommended watching the TV series Friday Night Lights. “Great entertainment. Strong faith message.” We checked out the season one DVDs from the library (who knew you could do that?). I didn’t really agree with the entertainment value or the perception of a strong faith message. The first season of this popular series [...]

Giant voices and a synopsis of the Street Works Tour.

The Street Works Tour launched two weeks ago in Wichita, Kan. Designed as a day tour for the servant leader, we welcomed a mix of individuals, business owners and leadership from not-for-profit organizations, churches and helping ministries. At a high level the day was designed to work participants through the four tenets of our Creel [...]

Minding the Gap

Laurie Laurie
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What is the Creel Institute? We’re a division of The Strategy Group LLC, a full-service strategic marketing firm established in 1990. What is the thinking behind it? It’s an insistence, a value that goes to our core that national-quality excellence and critical thinking should be as available to helping ministries and not-for-profit organizations as to [...]