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Minding the Gap:

Giant voices and a synopsis of the Street Works Tour.

The Street Works Tour launched two weeks ago in Wichita, Kan. Designed as a day tour for the servant leader, we welcomed a mix of individuals, business owners and leadership from not-for-profit organizations, churches and helping ministries. At a high level the day was designed to work participants through the four tenets of our Creel [...]

Gutting it out.

Laurie Laurie
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Gail Derreberry, resource director for the Creel Institute, and I were invited several weeks ago by a friend/interior designer to tour a home scheduled to be gutted the next day for a major remodel. Walls would be moved, she explained, to accommodate the lifestyle needs and passions of the new owners. A colleague is affectionately [...]

Minding the Gap

Laurie Laurie
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This morning I read a passage about Jesus leaving the place he was in to go into the region of Judea and across the Jordan. Again, we are told, crowds of people came to him, and as was his custom, he taught them. I’m reading the story of a three generations-old Italian shoe company. Our [...]