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What’s that?

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Leadership
Alex sent Jeffrey a video clip yesterday from his practice session at Colbert Hills. We discussed the work Alex is doing to take his swing to the next level. I asked if it’s even possible. Yes, but he’ll have to be mature about it. It’s (his existing move) a deeply ingrained habit. He won’t change [...]

Roll the rock.

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Identity, Leadership
Alex returned home Sunday night from playing in the New Year’s Invitational at St. Petersburg Country Club in Florida. Jeffrey caddied for him. Last night, the player’s dad/biggest fan/mentor was still working through what he saw. Of his putting: He can roll the rock (Alex is currently #1 in fewest “putts per round” in the [...]

Cancelling high-def noise.

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Identity, Leadership, The Street Works Tour
Our son Alex played in his first K-State golf tournament this week at Wichita Country Club. Commenting on the pressure and expectation associated with playing his first tournament on his home course, his coach told him he was proud of him, that he’d thrown him to the wolves for this first venue. Alex was level [...]

Giant voices and a synopsis of the Street Works Tour.

The Street Works Tour launched two weeks ago in Wichita, Kan. Designed as a day tour for the servant leader, we welcomed a mix of individuals, business owners and leadership from not-for-profit organizations, churches and helping ministries. At a high level the day was designed to work participants through the four tenets of our Creel [...]

Do what you know.

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Roadmapping, Strategy, The Street Works Tour
We met with a prospect on the traditional side of our business recently with a large vision for his corporate future. This individual is an entrepreneur with enough chutzpah (I mean spunk and ability) to go multiple directions with his capital. But years ago, he says, he was advised to keep the line of what [...]

Stretch, elasticity, empty storage.

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Leadership, Strategy
This is a capacity blog. It will read a bit feminine so I will disclaimer it by telling you that in a recent personality/communications test two of my three “types” are more common to men. (See PCM training, Way cool.) I have been struggling with finding professional capacity. I think everyone’s answer to this [...]

Gutting it out.

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Minding the Gap, Strategy
Gail Derreberry, resource director for the Creel Institute, and I were invited several weeks ago by a friend/interior designer to tour a home scheduled to be gutted the next day for a major remodel. Walls would be moved, she explained, to accommodate the lifestyle needs and passions of the new owners. A colleague is affectionately [...]

Minding the Gap

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Coaching, Marketing, Minding the Gap, Strategy
This morning I read a passage about Jesus leaving the place he was in to go into the region of Judea and across the Jordan. Again, we are told, crowds of people came to him, and as was his custom, he taught them. I’m reading the story of a three generations-old Italian shoe company. Our [...]

Hello again.

Laurie Laurie
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The Creel Institute has been quiet for a few years. We have continued to do strategic development and branding work for ministry, but put teaching and training activity on hold. As a strategic marketing/branding firm, we are expected to be good communicators. There are a few people out there, the regulars in our conference room [...]

Minding the Gap

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Coaching, Marketing, Strategy, The Creel Model
What is the Creel Institute? We’re a division of The Strategy Group LLC, a full-service strategic marketing firm established in 1990. What is the thinking behind it? It’s an insistence, a value that goes to our core that national-quality excellence and critical thinking should be as available to helping ministries and not-for-profit organizations as to [...]