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I’m a snob. I’m out of golf balls. In my mind I’m a decent player and therefore should employ a “performance” ball to get the most from my golf game. Not to give a lesson on golf ball technology, but suffice to say, golf balls are now being designed by rocket scientists. Literally. Quick research [...]

Who’s with me?

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Good friends recently recommended watching the TV series Friday Night Lights. “Great entertainment. Strong faith message.” We checked out the season one DVDs from the library (who knew you could do that?). I didn’t really agree with the entertainment value or the perception of a strong faith message. The first season of this popular series [...]

Life in the right lane

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Laurie and I are a little like Donnie and Marie. She’s a little country and I’m a little rock ‘n roll. Actually, she leans pretty classical and I’m really a blues man. The Street Works Tour is all about identity. Knowing who we are and how we’ve been uniquely wired by the Father. Feeling urgency [...]