Stuck in the Middle

We helped brand Stuck in the Middle, an international youth ministry, and execute its vision for multiple events. We’ve designed merchandise and developed a donor brochure.

In 2008 Stuck in the Middle was blessed to have the Creel Institute folks at the Strategy Group lead us through an in-depth evaluation of our organization. We explored every piece of our ministry, going through an analysis that not only highlighted our strengths and weaknesses, but also took into account the theories and passions behind the ministry. The process culminated in the formation of our own unique brand precedent book. This book has been of great service to us on multiple levels. We’ve used it to communicate with potential board members, donors and ministry partners. We’ve also referred to it regularly as we’ve grown over the past two years, using the information inside it as a guide for our ministry expansion. I can’t think of one other single investment we’ve made that has produced such incredible results for us. This book is an invaluable tool for our ministry, and I credit that to the hard work and talents of the Creel Institute team.

Sean Meade, founder and CEO, Stuck in the Middle

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