We facilitated the process that led to the development of Eastminster’s fourth service, and helped brand it.

My experience working with The Strategy Group in developing and branding a new worship experience for our church was outstanding. Because of our partnership with them, our worship experience was a well-thought out, strategic, contagious, exciting initiative that drew people in and laid the groundwork for a successful ministry, complete with a great logo and brand image.

The Strategy Group’s help in outlining our vision, goals and needs as we launched the service was invaluable. We came away with a clear picture of who we are and where we’re going.

All of our work with them came together seamlessly in the brand precedent book they created for us, combining our brand standards, an outline of our objectives for the service, and practical advice and tools for beginning our ministry. We could not be more happy with the outcome, and couldn’t have launched our worship service without their help.

Courtney Roberts, Associate Director of Communications Eastminster Church

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