What’s that?

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Leadership

Alex sent Jeffrey a video clip yesterday from his practice session at Colbert Hills. We discussed the work Alex is doing to take his swing to the next level. I asked if it’s even possible. Yes, but he’ll have to be mature about it. It’s (his existing move) a deeply ingrained habit. He won’t change it without intentional practice, serious repetition and accountability.

Throughout the day I kept thinking about the apostle Paul’s assertion that he would press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of him. It’s the word that that disturbed me.

If you’re a servant leader what’s the that in your life and ministry? What are the deeply ingrained habits in front of that? Who’s holding you accountable to go to the next level?

I’m in trouble on this point. Life and the work of the traditional side of our business—and frankly, issues of profitability in an uncertain economy—keep me gripped in old habits. I can’t find the sweet spot of the work and purposes and places in which God’s called me to invest.

Today, I’m recommitting to press on (lean forward, our pastor says) into the right, repeatable swing. Jeffrey’s holding me accountable.

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