Cancelling high-def noise.

Laurie Laurie
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Our son Alex played in his first K-State golf tournament this week at Wichita Country Club. Commenting on the pressure and expectation associated with playing his first tournament on his home course, his coach told him he was proud of him, that he’d thrown him to the wolves for this first venue. Alex was level (par) for 49 holes of the 54-hole tournament and ended the event with an eagle.

But I want to talk about the bogeys. Alex’s solid play and creative scrambling over the two days of play were disrupted during the holes when his WCC swing coach, who has invested considerable time in helping Alex find a technically perfect swing, was watching. Confidence and grace under pressure caved to fear that his coach was deconstructing his swing and finding flaws—evaluating. You could see the passion and poetry that are part of Alex’s game fly out of him.

In the afternoon of the Wichita launch of The Street Works Tour last month, a participant walked in late. Confidence and grace under pressure caved to fear that this individual was deconstructing my message and delivery and finding flaws—evaluating. Bogey. Bogey. Bogey.

This blog is about noise. We talk a lot about it and we will continue to talk a lot about it because it’s a game changer. We’ve talked in multiple venues about the noise of our branded world that shuts out God. This noise, the high-decibel roar inside us, happens when we fear we aren’t to size. We all carry around the possibility of A Knight’s Tale indictment: You’ve been weighed. You’ve been measured. And you’ve been found wanting.

How do you cancel this high-def noise? Jeffrey is eager to talk to Alex about finding conviction for his golf swing. It’s his swing—he must own it. When people and pros show up to watch him play, he needs to keep the faith in his swing.

God has formed you and me uniquely. In the moments when we begin to compare and contrast ourselves in life and work, we need to keep the faith that he purposes us uniquely. We must own our Kingdom initiatives.

I love the promise of Isaiah 40:31. I love what our friend David Rogers said about noise in his Kingdom talk for The Street Works Tour: “Look at the noise. Deal with it. And take intentional action to wrestle it to the ground.”

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