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Laurie and I are a little like Donnie and Marie. She’s a little country and I’m a little rock ‘n roll. Actually, she leans pretty classical and I’m really a blues man.

Jeff & Laurie Carney

Donnie & Marie Osmond

The Street Works Tour is all about identity. Knowing who we are and how we’ve been uniquely wired by the Father. Feeling urgency and being decisive about where we’re going—getting in lock-step with our Savior Jesus Christ. Editing, focusing our activities and becoming more intentional about how we’re at work in a world that desperately needs effective Kingdom people.

It’s about getting in the right lane—aligned with God’s purposes for our lives and laying down our own riff without hesitation or reservation.

When I think of being in the right lane, I think of the record industry. There are very clearly defined musical lanes—classical, country, jazz, blues, pop, R&B, rock, hip-hop—a right lane for every artist.

If you’ve watched American Idol, you know the judges and mentors are relentless with contestants about finding their right lane. Artists define themselves by specific lanes. And even more important, consumers align themselves with artists based on preferred lanes. It’s so important to be in the right lane. But sometimes the lane gets crowded and sometimes it turns into a dirt road. To be most effective we sometimes need to change lanes.

Carlos Santana burst on the world stage in 1969 with an historic Saturday afternoon performance at Woodstock. Now, more than 40 years later, he’s never been more vital or relevant because he switched lanes. He’s no longer just a rock guitar player. Today, he’s a groundbreaking collaborator willing to embrace popular artists from all musical lanes. In 2000, he released the pop hit “Smooth” with Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20. Billboard Magazine says it’s the most popular song of all time.

In 1998 our Friends at HopeNet switched lanes too. Initially organized to work with women in crisis pregnancy, board members at God’s leading embraced a new and broader vision to walk alongside people working to uncover and heal the deeper roots of brokenness. Today, HopeNet is in a lane all by itself.

Street Works is about identity. Finding the right lane; confirming we’re already in the right lane; discerning and channeling the strength and courage and support to change lanes if necessary; identifying and removing the barriers to clear the road ahead.

Maybe you’re a little country…maybe you’re a little rock ‘n roll. Maybe you’re not really sure. But we believe if you’ll engage the process with us, you’ll begin to understand and be equipped and encouraged for the road ahead.

Join us at The Street Works Tour August 24 at the newly remodeled Broadview Hotel in downtown Wichita.

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