Stretch, elasticity, empty storage.

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Leadership, Strategy

This is a capacity blog. It will read a bit feminine so I will disclaimer it by telling you that in a recent personality/communications test two of my three “types” are more common to men. (See PCM training, Way cool.) I have been struggling with finding professional capacity. I think everyone’s answer to this is different. My answer came in three parts. Part 1, slow down. Turn off the noise. For me that means to retreat and find my center. Part 2, edit. Find new lines, places and prescriptions for order. Part 3, a sabbatical view. We enjoyed dinner recently with a group of people and the conversation turned to a sabbatical one of the guests had taken. There is no way Jeffrey and I can take a sabbatical from our business at this time, but I recognized I’d benefit from that attitude. Bunny Williams’ Scrapbook for Living, a gift from my mother (who seeded my love for interior design and creating beauty), returned my focus to the importance of living beautifully, gracefully, artfully, orderly. This is a recommendation. I loved this book. I spent several hours putting objets d’art away at home and replacing them with seasonal interest. I bought potted hyacinths (for their long-lasting interest and scent) to bring the outdoors in. I looked for ways to bring more symmetry into our home’s interior because that feels good to me. All of these things refreshed me. They gave me capacity, a critical need for every leader. Capacity is stretch, elasticity, empty storage for creativity. Without it, I am numb, taciturn and, by definition, cluttered. Do you have it? If not, how will you rediscover it?

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