Gutting it out.

Laurie Laurie
Posted on in Minding the Gap, Strategy

Gail Derreberry, resource director for the Creel Institute, and I were invited several weeks ago by a friend/interior designer to tour a home scheduled to be gutted the next day for a major remodel. Walls would be moved, she explained, to accommodate the lifestyle needs and passions of the new owners.

A colleague is affectionately known for how many times he tells people that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll be what you’ve always been.

It’s a new year, and I’m in trouble. I’ve forgotten how to dance through my day. I’ve lost my rhythm. In Minding the Gap, the book Jeffrey and I published last fall, we talk a lot about editing our lives to be fully alive in the person God made us to be and the purposes he invests in us.

I’ve edited about as tightly as I can. I’m realizing that to get out of this ungraceful place and move forward into new plans and activities, I need to gut walls. Old habits, disciplines, boundaries, maybe even expectations need to come down first to be raised in new places.

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