Minding the Gap

Laurie Laurie
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This morning I read a passage about Jesus leaving the place he was in to go into the region of Judea and across the Jordan. Again, we are told, crowds of people came to him, and as was his custom, he taught them.

I’m reading the story of a three generations-old Italian shoe company. Our shoes are the finest made in the world, says the book’s main character in a meeting at Bergdorf Goodman. These are my people, the working class, the young cobbler apprentice later observes in Capri as she watches the locals.

Who are we? Who are we not? What is the custom of this business? What is the quality of what we offer? Who are our people?

Our custom, the signature of our brand, is teaching, coaching and commensurate strategic—levelheaded—thinking. It is our absolute intent to deliver finest quality in everything we do. National quality. Our people, like the cobbler, are working people—leaders of companies and organizations.

We’re a team of people who work hard to help working people work it out. To that end, Minding the Gap is now available. We’re busy developing new delivery systems for The Creel Model—creative ways you can engage the process of vision, specification, equipping and accountability to improve organizational life.

Who are you? Who are you not? What is your custom? What is the quality of what you offer? Who are your people?

Work it out.

Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap is available at your favorite bookstore’s order desk or at these online bookstores: Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Xlibris.com, or by phone at 1.888.795.4274, ext. 7879.

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