Hello again.

Laurie Laurie
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The Creel Institute has been quiet for a few years. We have continued to do strategic development and branding work for ministry, but put teaching and training activity on hold.

As a strategic marketing/branding firm, we are expected to be good communicators. There are a few people out there, the regulars in our conference room at that time, to whom we owed an explanation.

The truth is, we fell into a gap.

We got distracted. We tried some things—concerts and special events—that moved us away from the core of who we are: strategists.

We lost a member of our development team.

We got so busy on the traditional side of our business we couldn’t give enough attention to teaching and training.

We were also trying to be faithful to finish a book called “Minding the Gap. A planning and editing manual based on The Creel Model.SM” (It will be available late summer.)

Time travels. For those of you with whom we’ve lost touch, we’re sorry. To catch you up, we’re still hard at work trying to do the right things right to equip leaders of organizations. We’re selectively teaching and coaching.

We’re minding the gap.

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